Commercial Window Films for Solar, Safety, and Energy Saving Solutions – 3M Window Film

New construction, old construction, remodels all projects need window film. Exclusive Window Tinting installs thousands of specialized window films that can reduce your carbon footprint and enhance the look of the building. We are always prepared to accept new projects and have the knowledge to aid in multiple ways. 

We are licensed, bonded, and insured with multiple certifications to handle all types of window film. Over the years we have worked with many companies, ranging from general contractors to architects.

Reduce Energy Cost and Have Documentation to Prove It Window film can reduce energy costs by rejecting up to 80% of the Total Solar Energy output by the sun. Exclusive Window Tinting uses Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a sophisticated energy analysis process that simulates projected energy savings due to window film installation. BIM provides an anticipated return on investment (ROI) payback schedule for window film projects before the film is applied, assuring you that energy savings will be achieved.

This energy analysis is the US Department of Energy’s Demand Analyzer. The Demand Analyzer uses sophisticated DOE-2 building energy analysis software for estimating energy savings for a building. DOE-2 is widely used by consulting engineers for the design of energy-efficient buildings and factors in all aspects; including weather, natural shading, HVAC systems, and more. 

Upgrade safety and security ratings Exclusive Window Tinting has installed thousands of feet of Safety Window Film and Security Window Film, saving owners and contractors thousands. Window film can bring an annealed glass to tempered specifications and tempered to security specifications. We are factory trained and maintain all of our certifications.

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