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Let us help you protect your investments and property with window film.

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Reduce the chance of burglary, property damage, and injury


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3M Window Film

Exclusive Window Tint, utilizing exclusively 3M Window Film, can help you save energy, glare reduction, and fade control. Oh, and let’s not forget about the enhanced security of your home. Window Film will make the glass darker which means no intruders will be able to see what’s going on inside your house. Save energy and beat the heat at the same time! 

Latest Projects

Oregon State Capitol

We partnered with a local glass company to add a frosted band of privacy to the interior glass of the State Capitol of Salem.

Jo-Ann’s Fabric

A frosting job that was done for Jo-Ann’s fabric to help with the outside appearance.

DHS Public Utilities Commission and Contractors Board

DHS Public Utilities commission and Contractors Board in Salem received 4350 sq ft of SolarGard Panorama Slate 20 window film applied to the exterior glass to reduce their heat load.

Client Testimonials

Contrary to the previous reviews, I have had two great experiences here, from both a quality and service perspective!


Got me in right away and very friendly and low price.


Scott arranged a time to come here and arrived on time. He was careful and exact and cleaned and covered each window one by one. It took a little over an hour to finish the job. He was very pleasant and professional – definitely a person I would trust being in my home. The windows look great since the security film is completely invisible.


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