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Similar to the window film we install on your home or office, automotive window film starts working the second our professionals complete the installation process. Window film for your car, truck or boat provides safety, enhanced appearance, SPF 285, privacy and much more. When looking at having window film installed here are few important tips.

Solar GuardKnow the law: ORS 815.221

  • 35% VLT net (both the film and the glass combine)
  • Film is 13% or lower reflectance
  • Film is 50% VLT or higher
  • Keep your certificate with the car
  • SunVisor may be six inches down from top of windshield.

Know the steps we take to make your vehicle look and perform great.

  • Care for your vehicle, we will treat your car or truck like a king and queen.
  • Constantly accepting and trying new window films in order to provide you with the best options.
  • We use lent free towels, in order to keep the tint clean.
  • Shaved Edge Technique
  • One piece windows
  • We strive to install window underneath the third brake light so that you have one piece of window film professionally installed.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is a great choice for any car, truck or boat. Paint Protection Film is a virtually clear film that is installed on any painted surface to act as a sacrificial barrier. SolarGard's ClearShield is back by a 5 year warranty and is installed by Exclusive Window Tinting's professionals at all times of the year. When evaluating where to have us install paint protection film your imagination is the limit. The most common areas we install Paint Protection Film are the lower valence, front bumper, hood, front fenders and mirrors. We do have many customers that have to travel a gravel road daily and we suggest installing Paint Protection Film behind the wheel areas and the rocker panels, this is where most of the rocks hit and chip paint. Below are some general reference areas for Paint Protection.

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